secret-of-copper-springs-cover-100816The Secret of Copper Springs
is the book I’m currently writing. It’s the second book in the Shirley Brown Mystery Collection of five books.

For a year now, the girl in the tattered clothes has been leading me all over Copper Springs, Oklahoma.  Why? I don’t know. 

The first time, she led me down to the Red River. I almost got stuck in some quicksand, while she–she disappeared. Then, she left me in front of… Wait, that’s not the point. The point is I can’t stop following her. Why does she have this power over me?

Ahhhhh! It’s Friday afternoon and now she’s standing in my Math class. I look away. I don’t want to follow her anymore. She stands there waiting patiently for the class to end. Fifteen, ten, five minutes pass. The bell rings and elegantly, she walks from the classroom, and…I follow.


Coming in 2017.


disappearing-footprints-front-cover-092716Disappearing Footprints is the first book in the Shirley Brown Mystery Collection and is an introduction of Shirley as she learns that she is psychic and how to deal with paranormal. Following is a synopsis of the book

One moment eleven-year old Shirley Brown is playing a game of Disappearing Footprints in Los Angeles, California with her best friend Phyllis Johnson. Suddenly, she finds herself underground in a sunken room gasping for air. “STAND UP,” someone shouts into her ear. She closes her eyes and ignores them. “I can’t. I need to rest.”

“STAND UP NOW!” they yell again. This time, she dared not ignore them. She stands up pressing her head against the ceiling of the small room. It gives way and a rush of air comes flooding into her lungs.

Gasping, Shirley jerks awake, sweating, as a flash of lightning followed by a clap of thunder roars overhead. A puzzled expression crosses her face as she realizes that she’s standing next to the bed in the sparsely furnished powder blue bedroom in Copper Springs, Oklahoma where she has been living for the last six months.

It was just a dream. A dream that she’d been having all week. Tonight–she didn’t want to think about tonight. It’s only a dream. Nothing like that will ever happen.

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